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Carla is a mother, author, educator, and speaker.  Her mission is to revolutionize parenting one family at a time.  From her own experience, working with families, elementary school students, organizations, and high profile clients, her purpose of teaching inner peace became more clear.

The Peaceful Parenting approach provides parents connection and empathy for their child. As a parent, you will be able to provide guidance, encouragement, mindful communication, and compassion using tools to manage anger, frustration, resolve conflicts, destress, and increase understanding.

10 Reasons why inner peace is important in our every day lives:

  1. Increased intelligence.
  2. Rewires your brain. 
  3. Compassion 
  4. Happiness
  5. Guards against aging
  6. Digestion
  7. Increased focus and memory
  8. Immune function
  9. Improved mental health
  10. Thoughts create your reality. 


Upcoming events:

The Peaceful Parenting Workshops (3 week series)

This interactive workshop will cover heart based techniques for parents.  I will guide parents through a loving, mindful, respectful, compassionate approach to parenting that will provide parents communication and empathy for their child.  Parents will learn tools to manage anger and frustration, resolve conflicts, reduce stress, self-care, communication skills, enjoy parenting, healing, and mindfulness at home and school.  

Benefits: Promote healthy bond with your child/ren, creating trust and communication with compassion and love. 

Dates: Thursday, April 4, 11, and 18, 2019

Location: Irvine, CA

To Register, please email carla@carlamino.com

Payments are due at time of registration. 


San Diego State Universtiy

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

University of San Diego

Masters of Arts Family Therapy

San Diego University for Integrative Studies

Masters of Arts Expressive Arts Therapy Specialization: Gifted Children


Hear from the best clients!

Our family art therapy sessions with Carla Mino were a wonderful therapeutic experience for my husband, my two children and me. We were all struggling to cope after a family trauma, the loss of my husband’s job and an out-of-state move. The kids were acting out in school, my husband was suffering with frustration and depression from not being able to work, and I felt overwhelmed trying to balance the emotional needs of my family. Enter Carla Mino and our art therapy sessions. Ms. Mino came highly recommended, and right off the bat her focus on breathing and grounding brought a sense of peace and intention to our session. It was amazing how my kids were able to express fears, homesickness and frustrations that they hadn't been able to share otherwise. It was like our art therapy session helped them find their voices and gave them each a chance to be heard and understood. In one session we drew a special place where we felt happy and safe, and my son drew our old basement. This helped me realize how badly he needed a place in our new home that he could escape to and call his own. Since then we've worked together to make his new bedroom such a space. A simple thing, but as I was struggling with day-to-day living, I’d overlooked this simple need. The self-reflection and sharing in art therapy really opened my eyes. Ms. Mino’s presence was particularly helpful in helping us ‘read' our artistic creations. My daughter was visibly emotional from the moment the therapy started, and Ms. Mino pointed out that she had no color in her art. My daughter had done the whole thing in pencil, and somehow I hadn’t even noticed. Such sad and beautiful significance that again gave me deeper insight into my daughter’s emotions. Together my husband and I have been working to bring the color back into all of our lives through simple moments of joy and gratitude. Art therapy has helped us remember to take time for such things. And it’s amazing how our symbolic choices in creating art can speak truths we otherwise wouldn’t even recognize in ourselves. Finally my husband was able to tap into his own fears, anger and frustration and it seemed to release a great deal of stress in him. The ability to express himself visually (without words, like traditional talk-therapy) seemed more natural for him and when explaining his art, he spoke openly about his stress and anger. He even hung his first drawing in the garage (his space). The best thing about art therapy for our relationship was that it was a gentle, nurturing way to start talking about the hard stuff. Since our art therapy sessions there has been a sense of release, like letting out a deep breath. My children are coping better in school and we are all feeling a bit more peaceful as we adapt to this stressful, uncertain time. Creating and sharing my own art was a powerful way to tap into my own needs and rediscover my center. Engaging in art therapy created a sense of togetherness and openness in our family. With Ms. Mino as a peaceful, thoughtful facilitator we are learning to communicate more deeply through creativity and symbolism. Our art therapy has helped us understand each other and ourselves better. Ms. Mino sets an open vibe of freedom and self-acceptance and her calm, wise presence helped us all feel at ease so we could express ourselves and explore our emotions. I highly recommend art therapy with Carla Mino for individuals, couples, or families in all walks of life. Art therapy with Ms. Mino was a revelation!
Amy B. Mair
Art Teacher and Mom
I really appreciated your class. It was nice to take a moment out of a busy week to pause, ground, and express myself, without worrying about judgment. I think we could all use opportunities like this to connect with what we truly desire. Thank you for creating the space, and providing the guidance, for us to experience this. With your help we can all learn to have creative self-expression be a regular part of our routine.
Toby P.
Math Tutor


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